Hey guys! Just some boring information for you to read over, if anything applies to you. xox

Everything that you see or read on my blog is purely entertainment based, and nothing should be taken in a light-hearted way as it is my opinion only. Therefore, please do not take anything as factual based. By reading my blog you have chosen to do so of your own free will. 

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If you contact me leaving your details for me to get back to you with, I will not sell any of your personal information to another company. But I am not responsible for the privacy practices of any of my sponsors, advertisers or blog commenters. 

I reserve the right to change anything that I have posted or to change the terms of use on my blog. Although, I will be sure to inform you about any changes made to my blog that will affect you as a reader. 

In my blog I will be speaking about different businesses and recommending them from my own experiences for different blog posts. Although, if you do purchase a service or a product from any businesses that I mention and you have a query, then please contact the exact business that you made the purchase with. As I am not involved with many business that I talk about, to the point where I can help with any issues that need to be resolved (unless stated otherwise).

If you want to send me any physical items, please contact me via my email address before doing so. We can then have a discussion as to what you wish the outcome to be. I will then write up an agreement that we are both happy with; and after this has been clarified, we will proceed with the planned process.