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Zoeva Powder Nude x Rose Golden Brushes

Zoeva Powder Nude x Rose Golden Brushes

Hey guys!

I got these Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set Vol. 2 brushes, from my boyfriend for Christmas and I am completely in love with them.

Although, I haven’t tried the brushes out yet - as I want to use them in a make-up tutorial first. But I had to snap some cool shots of them, before I swished them in my make-up (I know I’m weird right haha). I’m also aware that most people have these already if they’re a fan of make-up, so I was definitely late to this party.

But I am really happy with the overall quality and packaging of the brushes at first look. From the rose gold metal detailing on the barrel and text embossing. Then not to mention the softness of the synthetic taklon brush hair and the beautiful rose gold clutch case. 

The 8 brushes include:

- Face - 104 - Buffer brush
- Face - 109 - Luxe Face Paint brush
- Face - 126 - Luxe Cheek Finish brush
- Eyes - 226 - Smudger brush
- Eyes - 228 - Luxe Crease brush
- Eyes - 234 - Luxe Smoky Shader brush
- Eyes - 317 - Wing Liner brush
- Eyes - 322 - Brow Line brush

Everything about these brushes is perfection and I’m so happy to have them in my possession. Also like I said they will be featuring in make-up tutorials, on my YouTube channel very soon. So there, I will be giving you a much more in-depth review on them. But for now I’m just going to admire all of their physical beauty.


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