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Image Source - gettyimages | Kevin Mazur, my edit

Image Source - gettyimages | Kevin Mazurmy edit

Image Source - gettyimages | Kevin Mazur, my edit

Image Source - gettyimages | Kevin Mazurmy edit

Image Source - gettyimages | Kevin Mazur, my edit

Image Source - gettyimages | Kevin Mazurmy edit

Hey guys! 

So Kanyes' new fashion line dropped at NYFW - I'm sure you already know that there has been a lot of controversy surrounding it! But to be honest the publicity is getting his event heaps of attention, and personally I thought the clothes were seriously cool. I loved the neutral element to everything (I'm honestly obsessed with those shades), and I definitely tried to see beyond the catwalk. So I was envisioning different pieces from Kanye's collection being worn in a more everyday way. 

The whole choreography of the show seems to be the talking point, rather than the actual clothing. Partly because there was a strong message seemingly throughout the whole show. A 'military metaphor' was embodied by the models, rumoured to contain a deeper message. There was segments which started with fair skin toned models, wearing light nude shades. Then the middle segment progressed to asian skin toned models wearing beige and taupe shades. After this, darker skin toned models wore deep brown and black shades. But after all of this analysis and assumptions, Kanye said, “It’s just a painting, just using clothing as a canvas of proportion and colour.” 

Personally, I loved the choreography of the show, and took everything at face value. Sure, there may well have been a deeper meaning to every decision made, and no doubt there was. But the main purpose of a show at Fashion Week is to expose fashion creations, and that's how it was for me.

Aside from any deeper meanings that critics seem to be inferring from the show, I think that Kanye definitely shows his revision and skill at creating what's popular in current fashion. The colour palettes that he chose to use completely on trend right now. With those muted hues, his monochromatic garments are going to be perfect for next Spring. He continued in the same style as the YEEZY SEASON 1 x ADIDAS Show, by creating both skin-tight and oversized garments. This included: jumpers, hoodies, coats, t-shirts, bandeau tops and leggings - plus much more. With some of the pieces encapsulating sports attire, most garments seemed to be of a unisex nature too. 

Kanye also revealed his new footwear, which are a slightly updated version of the current Yeezy Boosts. These are the Boost 750 colourway; which have been created in brown and black, with semi-transparent heels. 

After the show Kanye walked the runway, through his models. Whilst doing so he debuted 'Fade (I Feel Enslaved)', a song from his soon to be released album 'Swish'. . . 


Image Source - VOGUE | Jackie Nickerson

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