Hey guys! I am a 22 year old fashion and beauty blogger from London.

So here is my blogging space, where I can show you all of the things that I want to share in a very visual way. As I have a passion for photography and find that I can be so creative with it.

My blog is a mix and match of fashion, beauty and entertainment posts, as these are all things that I love too.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. I hope that you enjoy viewing the things I blog about and create too.


What I’ve Learnt about Blogging So Far

What I’ve Learnt about Blogging So Far

Hey guys!

So, for a long time now I’ve wanted to create a post talking about things that I’ve learnt whilst blogging. Before I started my blog I would search the internet for posts like this. So I wanted to create one in the hope of helping new bloggers or even blogging veterans. Now I haven’t been blogging for very long at all. But like I said, I wanted to share things that I know have helped me understand blogging a little better.

I have put together five crucial points that I believe are really important, so let the essays begin:

Be Inspired by Others but Don’t Compare

Now when I first started my blog I always knew what direction I wanted to go in, but I didn’t necessarily have the resources. I would compare myself to other bloggers that had been creating content for around five to six years. Without a doubt I was actively making myself feel disheartened and stressed. But then I suddenly realised that we all have to start somewhere. Blogging is a process and a journey, where everything is constantly evolving and changing. So there’s no point in comparing yourself to anyone, as you will eventually get to the place that YOU want to be. But remember you can’t get there overnight as this will take time and above all consistency.

Create Original Content

This is something that’s very difficult in the blogging world. As everyone wants to talk about the newest trends (including myself). Which is why it is crucial to create your own niche style. By doing this, no matter what you create it will look different. Now, this could simply be the way you shoot and edit your pictures. Or it could even be creating your own unique voice; really letting your personality shine through when you’re writing.

Visuals are Key

Now personally, I love photography/editing and have done for a very long time. So this is something that definitely came natural to me at the start. It’s a proven fact that visuals are just as important as titles, when trying to grab a readers’ attention. I think the most amazing thing about photography, is that there’s no fixed rules. So this is something that you can really put your own stamp on and have fun with.

Have Consistency across all of your Social Media Platforms

When you start up a blog, you won’t have any readers. So what I highly recommend is that you promote every single post, on all of your other social media accounts. As you will already have a little following there, which will in turn gain some traction at the start.

Interacting with your Audience is a Must

I think that this step is so important when you’re creating your blog. The whole point of why we create a blog is because we want readers, right? So replying to every single comment and engaging with your readers on their blogs and other platforms is key. This is something I love to do, as I’m always intrigued to know what everyone else has to say.

I hope you guys enjoyed these few tips on what I’ve learnt about blogging so far. I know these types of posts definitely helped me at the start. So I just wanted to add my little contribution on here.



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