Hey guys! I am a 22 year old fashion and beauty blogger from London.

So here is my blogging space, where I can show you all of the things that I want to share in a very visual way. As I have a passion for photography and find that I can be so creative with it.

My blog is a mix and match of fashion, beauty and entertainment posts, as these are all things that I love too.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. I hope that you enjoy viewing the things I blog about and create too.


Urban Chic

Urban Chic

Hey guys!

I’ve been loving wearing pastels paired with neutrals lately - nothing new there then haha! But it’s so hot here in London, so I’ve been making the most of these light colour combinations.

For this look I decided to wear my new chalk pink, silky feel t-shirt from Zara! I actually have this style of tee in four different colours, as I’m so obsessed with their design. Does anyone else do that; like a piece and then just buy it in every colour?

As I’ve said before, the wether in the UK is really unpredictable. So I always try and have a shirt or jumper handy. For this look I wore my moto rip detailed, denim shirt from Topshop around my waist. I tried to make this look as stylish as possible. But let’s be honest, I would have put this on the second a cold breeze hit. 

Then my trusty grey jeggings from Zara had to be worn with this look. These are my go-to when I want to look nice and feel comfortable at the same time. I also have these in blue and black, (see, there goes that ‘buy one in every colour’ addiction) haha!

But now on to my most favourite piece in this look, my Adidas NMD Original Runner trainers in Talc Off White. My mum bought me these for my birthday recently, as I’ve been obsessing over this shape. I’m such a sneaker head and if there’s a style I like, then I kind of need them all! These are so comfortable though and I just love that they have a certain uniqueness about them.

I hope you guys like this look! I’m so upset that Summer is coming to an end though. It feels like I look forward to this season for, forever! But nothing will stop me from wearing Spring/Summer shades all year round.


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My Ultimate Moisturiser

My Ultimate Moisturiser

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