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The Perfect Detox Mask

The Perfect Detox Mask

Hey guys!

So as we’ve just celebrated Christmas and the New year, I feel like now’s a great time to talk about the Instant Detox Mask from Bobbi Brown. My skin tends to feel a little lifeless around this time of year. Also with my diet (basically eating anything I want around Christmas time), my skin definitely needs an amazing detox. So this mask is easily the best one I’ve tried to date and I feel like it deserves a lot more recognition!

A few months ago I was on the hunt for a mask that thoroughly cleaned the skin without stripping it. So after a lot of research, I went for this one. As I currently use quite a few Bobbi Brown skincare products and love them.

The Instant Detox Mask owns a beautiful formula of Hawaiian Sea Water and mineral-rich Amazonian White Clay. These ingredients work so well at drawing out any impurities and generally giving the skin a deep clean. They give the mask a fresh, calming scent and they also add a cooling sensation to the skin. So if you don’t like those masks that really tingle, then this is the one for you - as it does the same extraction process, just without a burning sensation, win win!

Also this mask is so soft and easy to apply! I feel like this is important to mention, as in the past I’ve tried my fair share of really stiff formulas that just won’t spread. But this one glides on the skin, literally like butter and takes roughly 5 minutes to fully dry. But I always leave my mask on for longer to really let it do it’s thing - also because I’m just lazy haha! Then the mask is just as easy to remove, which I love. Once I’ve patted my face dry, my skin immediately feels so hydrated and nourished.

Now, possibly the most amazing thing about this mask is that my pores look visibly smaller afterwards, and in no way am I just saying this! So I urge you to get a sample and test my statement. But as well as doing the harsh jobs like eliminating toxins and excess oils, it makes my skin feel so soft and healthy.

After loving this so much I want to try the Radiance Boost and Skin Nourish masks from Bobbi Brown next! Let me know if you’ve tried any from this range and what you think. Also I’d love to know what your favourite mask is, as I’m slightly addicted to trying new ones.


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