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The Magnum Pleasure Store - Part 2

The Magnum Pleasure Store - Part 2

Hey guys!

So as promised here is the part 2 blog post of my day in Covent Garden, when I finally went to The Magnum Pleasure Store. But can I firstly just say, wow! It exceeded my expectations, and some. I knew it would be great, but the ice-cream was absolute luxury. 

As I said in my previous post I have wanted to visit one of these pop-up stores ever since Magnum had one in Selfridges last year, but never got the chance. Then I would see endless pictures on Instagram of these ice-creams, and get so jealous lol. So now it's back in London, I had to check it out. 

Firstly, the pop-up store has this vibe that makes you feel like you're away in Italy or somewhere like that, visiting a gourmet ice-cream parlour. There is both seating and standing areas, with the room filled with Magnum inspired artwork.

So after you have paid, the delicious toppings are there waiting for you to choose from. There was such an amazing selection, that I just stood and starred at for about 10 minutes. But once I had finally made the most important decision of my life, I chose: freeze dried raspberries, brownie crumbles and chopped hazelnuts. After I chose my toppings, they were shaken together, and then I chose what chocolate I wanted my ice-cream to be freshly dipped in to. You could chose from milk, dark or white melted chocolate - I chose milk.

After, the ice-cream was placed into a beautifully patterned cream and peach coloured container, and the toppings were sprinkled all over both sides. Then I got to choose what type of chocolate drizzle I wanted over the top - I chose white this time. Finally, a little chocolate 'M' decoration was placed on top of the ice-cream as a finishing touch. Although, the nice lady gave me both a milk and white chocolate 'M' badge, as I stood there for so long deciding what colour I wanted lol. It took a couple of seconds for the ice-cream to set, and then I wasted no time indulging away; well after I had taken about a million pictures lol! 

The ice-creams are £4.50 each, which I think isn't pricy at all, considering the size and uniqueness of them. The Pleasure Store is located at the North Piazza in Covent Garden, until Sunday 30th August 2015. So as you can probably guess, I highly recommend you visiting there, AT LEAST twice if you're in the area lol!


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