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The Best Birthday Ever

The Best Birthday Ever

Hey guys! 

This is slightly overdue, but I'm finally posting what I did for my birthday. I completely didn't expect to have such an amazing time. But I still managed to take some beautiful pictures of the weekend, and I wanted to share them with you on my blog. 

The morning of my birthday my mum and nan set up all of my presents and cards on the table. Everything was perfect and all things that I wanted, including: endless amounts of make-up and skincare, ghd hair curlers and hair products, clothes and pyjamas. My mum also got me a Hummingbird Bakery, red velvet birthday cake - this is my all time favourite flavour. It was 3 tiers and full of cream cheese frosting, delicious! You can check out a picture of this if you're a cake fanatic like me on my Instagram page, @veebzboo. So I opened my presents and cut my cake, but then I had to leave because my boyfriend, Ethan had said that I had to be at his before 2.00pm. 

So Ethan is completely annoying, as he loves surprises. Obviously I HATE then with a passion lol. I am too inquisitive for my own good, and I can't stand not being in the know. So I arrived at his house on my birthday and he gave me a beautiful card and 22 roses. They were so beautiful and he got them from my favourite florists - so thoughtful! Then the next thing I know there is a car waiting outside for us. The journey was only about 30 minutes, but it felt like forever with my nosiness lol.

When we was in the car and just before we got there, the car went past London Bridge Station. Coincidentally, I had been travelling to that station everyday on the week of my birthday. So I was babbling on about how I had been there everyday and I was there again on my birthday. After I had finished telling Ethan about the delightful train station, I realised that we had arrived at The Shard's, Shangri-La Hotel...

He had booked for us to stay at the hotel over night, with breakfast set up in our room the next morning! So as soon as we got out of the car, our bags were taken to the room and we had to check in. I was completely speechless, and more to the point annoyed that I was wearing my jeans and Jordans lol! But I couldn't be mad at him for too long, because the present was completely beautiful.

So as soon as we got to our room on the 48th floor, the first place I went to was the bathroom - the bath was right next to the 'floor-to-ceiling' windows. This place was so surreal and was like nothing I have ever experienced before. It's so difficult to understand because you just can't imagine the breathtaking view until you're actually there. It made me and Ethan realise how beautiful the city we have lived in our whole lives really was, and how much we take for granted. We also got a taste of the lavish life and definitely didn't want to go back.  

While we were taking everything in and just in complete awe of the room, there was a knock at the door. It was a waiter delivering me a birthday notice and a gorgeous chocolate cake. Ethan had planned that too, and it was so special. He thought of everything and made every last detail perfect. 

We posed for about twenty-million pictures because I wanted to squeeze as many memories as I could out of this special day. We seem to do this thing where we can't pose seriously together, so excuse the ridiculous faces, but we thought it was funny! Oh and by the way, that slight blueish tint to the bathroom's mirror was a built-in TV, that you could watch while you were taking a bath - I mean COME ON lol!

We wanted to get up quite early and spend the most amount of time awake in the room. So we got up at 9.00am the next day, and this was the view in the morning. I was so happy that the weekend of my birthday had amazing weather, the views were crystal clear. 

Now this breakfast was epic, and I have a little story to go with it. So we ticked of the main breakfast that we wanted on the card they left us. Which we had to put outside our door so that the order could be taken in the morning. But I noticed on the back of the menu that pastries, pancakes and waffles were available and if you know me, you know I LOVE waffles.

I wasn't sure what the portions were like and so I went and ticked to have 2 waffles (I thought they were going to be small, I promise). So Ethan said that he'd have 2 pancakes, and we thought nothing of it. 

So our food arrived in the morning and the waiter laugh and said 'I thought there was four people staying here, but it's just the both of you.' We polightly laughed, but didn't really have a clue why he said that. We soon realised that when he left, we had ordered two plates full of pancakes and two plates full of waffles. Basically we looked like greedy pigs and we didn't even intend to haha. Obviously we didn't finish it all, but they tasted amazing and it seriously hurt my heart to leave so many behind when we left the room. 

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone that wished me happy birthday and made me feel special on the day. This was honestly one of the most amazing birthday's that I've had. Also I am so appreciative to Ethan for putting in so much effort and surprising me like he did. He works so hard, so the fact that he planned something this special was completely perfect! From my 22 roses, to getting driven to the shard. My special birthday cake room delivery and breakfast in the morning. Everything was perfect and I couldn't have asked for more. 

Although, I wonder how he will ever top this! Until next year guys lol - 


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