Hey guys! I am a 22 year old fashion and beauty blogger from London.

So here is my blogging space, where I can show you all of the things that I want to share in a very visual way. As I have a passion for photography and find that I can be so creative with it.

My blog is a mix and match of fashion, beauty and entertainment posts, as these are all things that I love too.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. I hope that you enjoy viewing the things I blog about and create too.


Nude Body -- Suit

Nude Body -- Suit

Hey guys!

As Spring is going to be officially here towards the end of this month, I really wanted to pull all of the lighter shades in my wardrobe to the front.

I opted to wear my dark olive flowing trench coat, from Zara to start with. I wore this in an Autumn style post last year, but paired it with all black pieces. Although I felt like this coat could be worn with lighter accents too, to make it more Spring appropriate.

I then styled the coat with a nude bodysuit from Missguided. I ordered quite a few things from there at the end of last year, which was rare for me. As I don’t often purchase from solely online stores. Just because I like to actually get a feel of what the clothing is like in a store first. Having said that, I was very pleased with the quality of Missguideds’ clothing.

Then I paired those pieces with dark blue jeggings and a nude long buckled belt - both from Zara of course!

Finally, another item that I wore in a style post last Summer was these nude leather high heel sandals. I love the crisscross strap accents on these and they also matched perfectly with the bodysuits' shade too.

So I’m just ecstatic to be back wearing Spring/Summer shades. As you will know if you read my last style post, that I’m completely over Winter. I hope that the weather gets sunnier and we can all have some amazing weather in London - ASAP!


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Chloé Drew

Chloé Drew