Hey guys! I am a 22 year old fashion and beauty blogger from London.

So here is my blogging space, where I can show you all of the things that I want to share in a very visual way. As I have a passion for photography and find that I can be so creative with it.

My blog is a mix and match of fashion, beauty and entertainment posts, as these are all things that I love too.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. I hope that you enjoy viewing the things I blog about and create too.


My New Filming Background

My New Filming Background

Hey guys!

I firstly want to start of by apologising for being MIA these past couple of weeks! I mentioned in my latest video that me and Ethan have moved in together. So that’s where every minute of our time has been. We didn’t realise just how much work and time that has to be put into everything. Moving house is definitely a process I’ve learnt and things take time. I think what we tried to do was, get everything finished as soon as we moved in. We then ended up exhausting ourselves and just feeling meh. But we’re back on form now and are finally seeing results with everything.

Now lets get onto the exciting part of this post - I have a NEW FILMING BACKGROUND! I’m just so excited about it and couldn’t be happier with how it looks at the moment. I wanted to go for something quite minimalistic and modern. But something that also displays my personality too.

In my previous videos, I would just film on a plain wall. I think that it looked clean and as I didn’t have my own filming space, I just thought that it was the safest bet. But it meant that I would constantly have to wear dark clothing. Otherwise the wall would look a dingy yellow shade in contrast with my outfit, if that makes sense (all camera, techy stuff basically). So as you can probably tell, I’m really happy that I now have different things in my background; and therefore won’t have to worry about what I wear.

So with my desk area I have a mixture of metals and shades. But they all own neutral elements, allowing them to give off a cohesive theme. Also everything on the desk is either from Oliver Bonas or Anthropologie, minus a couple of things. I became so obsessed with those shops when wanting inspiration for my office.

Anyway, I hope that you guys like what I’ve done with the filming section of my office - I would really love to know your thoughts. Although, it isn’t completely finished, as I want to add: a lamp, wall art and maybe even one or two floating shelves. I’m also going to be filming an office tour video for my channel, where I’ll go into a lot more depth about everything. As I’d love to share how I came up with my ideas and show you some visuals that inspired me. But obviously if you have any questions about anything specific now, then I’d love to answer them here on my blog.


*p.s guys I’ve been on Snapchat a lot lately. Just showing the moving process and what I’m up to. My user name is @veebzboo, so feel free to add me.

These last 4 pictures are ones that I took, after I had purchased some new accessories this week. So they consist of an amazing candle, that smells like cupcakes and dreams may I add lol. I also purchased a bowl (which I think is meant for the kitchen), but I'm going to use it for bits and bobs. Then finally I got a coaster for my drinks while I work and everything's from Anthropologie - of course.

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