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Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Brush Haul

Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Brush Haul

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share with you the latest editions to my brush collection! So I got these as a present from Ethan for Christmas, he definitely listened to my hints haha. I’ve wanted to try Luxie Beauty brushes for so long and straight of the bat, I can say that they’ve definitely lived up to my expectations.

Each brush is really unique to my collection and they can be used for so many different things too. For example, all of the brushes from the JadeyWadey 180 Glam Sculpting Duo Brush Set have at least 3-4 uses for each of the 6 brushes. Personally I’ve tried both contouring and highlighting with every single brush and they work amazingly! Ranging from the application of liquid, cream and powder products. To blending, perfecting and setting everything in place. Also being obsessed with contouring and highlighting, these brushes are perfect for that. Each brush is designed to get the best out of those techniques and make the job a lot easier.

I also really wanted a proper Spoolie, as I always use the end of my Brow Wiz - which is pretty dirty at this point! So this was more of a luxury brush rather than a necessity. But regardless, I love that it’s pink and the bristles are perfect for blending products into my brows flawlessly.

Then for some reason I just had to own the the Large Fluff Brush. Although I have one pretty similar from Zoeva, there was just something about the shape of this one that differed. I feel like this would be perfect for blending any cream products in to more specific areas on the face, for example: concealer or cream contour and highlight.

The 5 brushes include:

- JadeyWadey 180 Glam Sculpting Duo Brush Set - 180 - The Shaper
- JadeyWadey 180 Glam Sculpting Duo Brush Set - 181 - The Chisler
- JadeyWadey 180 Glam Sculpting Duo Brush Set - 182 - The Nose Perfector
- Luxie Rose Gold Brow and Lash Spoolie - 201
- Luxie Rose Gold Large Fluff Brush - 233

Another thing I love about these brushes is that they have some weight to them. Making make-up application a lot easier/precise. Also having super soft bristles on my brushes is a necessity for me and these definitely have that luxurious feel to them! So I honestly can’t recommend these enough! Oh and can we just talk about the pink and rose gold colour combination - gorgeous!

Have you guys tried any brushes from Luxie Beauty? If so, I’d love some more recommendations please!


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