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Hourglass Cosmetics Haul

Hourglass Cosmetics Haul

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to talk about some products that I've accumulated from Hourglass Cosmetics over the past couple of months. I've completely fell in love with this brand, and although it's super expensive, I think that it's worth it! If you want something luxury for yourself, or as a gift then I highly recommend these beautiful products!

So I bought the Veil Fluid Makeup foundation - Light Beige (2) about a month ago. This foundation is a liquid one, that is perfection to apply. It lasts ALL DAY and gives a naturally healthy glow to my skin! It is a medium coverage, when a little amount is applied. But it can definitely be build up to a higher coverage if you wish. 

The properties that make up this foundation are also really great for your skin. So it is very unlikely that it will affect your skin in a negative way, as it is so gentle. It also contains anti-aging properties, that help to minimise any fine lines and imperfections.

Finally, something that I love the most is that it is an oil-free foundation, with an SPF of 15. As I have combination skin, I don't really want a real oil based one. Although this one definitely still gives of a natural glow, and allows the make-up to look multi-dimensional. Whereas, some oil-free foundations can make the whole look very flat.

Next up is the Ambient Lighting Blush - Incandescent Electra. This is considered as a blush, but because of its' light reflecting elements, I love to use it as a highlighter too. This blush is like nothing on the market in my opinion, with its' depth and dimension and its' state of the art formula. The blusher is raised up in its' compact, so it tries to emulate a raised effect on the skin too, bringing light and reflection to the skin. This product comes in 6 different shades in the UK and 7 in the United States, all being beautiful. So I purchased it in the shade Incandescent Light, as I love a peachy look.

When I apply this blusher to the high points of my face I can barely feel it, its' so soft and lightweight- but has such a great affect on the skin. It is also very buildable, because the formulation is so airy - there is never going to be the possibility of a shimmer streak across your face. Before it is applied to the skin you don't anticipate how it's going to look. But once it's settled onto the skin, you can see just how much technical work has been put in to the product. In the sense that it really does create multidimensional shapes and tones to the faces' structure.

I really think this blusher/highlighter is one of a kind and I highly recommend it. There are very few make-up brands that just tick all of the boxes for me, but I really think Hourglass Cosmetics does this. From their branding, packaging, product range and formulation - everything is just perfect.

This palette is a little different, because it doesn't resemble the usual setting powder appearance. It consists of 3 shades, 2 of which already exist in single packaging and the other is a new shade - limited to this palette.

Now on to this gorgeous Ambient Lighting Palette that I just recently purchased, along with the lip product that I am going to talk about next. This palette is just breathtaking as it sets, lightens, enhances and even bronzes your features (to say the least). So those are just a few of the reasons why I love it so much; most products that claim to do all of these things just don't work. But let me just assure you that a tiny swipe of this product over your skin, will help to create a naturally airbrushed look.

These powders are a lot more technical than you may think though! They manage to 'capture, diffuse and soften' the light as it shows up on the skin. Hourglass Cosmetics use 'photoluminescent technology', which refract light and create invisible coverage. When I say they're invisible, they really are. Just to prove this the shades are universal, which means that they are able to suit any skin tone. Also, I don't mean to keep on quoting from the product's bio, but this technology is so unique that there is really no other way to describe it. 

Finally, my delicate Femme Nude Lip Stylo - Nude no 4 is possibly the most beautiful nude lipstick shade I have come across to date! Firstly, the packaging is just exquisite, I mean just look at the metallic packaging, with gold trimming including twistable features. There are 6 different sensual nude shades in this collection, which all own a 'creamy, full-coverage formula and satin finish'.

This lip crayon definitely enhances my natural lips, creating a more plumped appearance, but in a  very natural way. But I just love this mainly because I'm obsessed with both Hourglass Cosmetics and nude lipsticks at the moment. Although, this colour and formulation is definitely very different from anything that I've tried from M.A.C - as most of my nude lip products are from there. It's a lot more creamier in texture, but delivers lasting powder like a matte formulation would. 

I was slightly hesitant to get this, as I had never seen anyone talk about these. But I'm so glad I ended up getting one, and will be re-purchasing more very soon (covers face) lol! 

Guys! I want to know what Hourglass Cosmetics' product you love at the moment? Or, if you haven't tried anything yet, then what would you like to? 


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